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The OIT RPMS Training team is reviewing scheduled in-person training classes, and will be either converting them into eLearning (i.e. Remote) training, rescheduling for a later date, or cancelling the training sessions per federal lead guidance. Notice has been provided to registered participants for those classes that are impacted. While it may have been a general practice for participants to group in a classroom, break room, or a conference room during an eLearning session, we are recommending participants implement the prescribed social distancing practices when attending these sessions at their respective work sites as well.

RPMS EHR CAC Informatics Training Grid

The EHR CAC Informatics Training Grid helps to lay the foundation and structure for the Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) Informaticist career path. The objectives are to identify sequentially ordered courses that build on participant knowledge and provide the necessary tools to promote CAC Informaticist success in their various roles.

To access the CAC Informatics Training Grid, click here.

**Important Note**

The CAC Informatics Training Grid provides a current state guide to role-based training considering both existing curricula and identified needs for future curriculum development. This grid was developed in collaboration with the IHS Chief Health Informatics Officer, Informatics Program Manager, Deployment Manager, Area CACs, and field users, and included consultative input from the Office of the National Coordinator. RPMS training is undergoing assessment and improvement. The RPMS training sessions offered reflect high priority needs based on the training grid, collected Training Needs Assessment data, and input via area CACs. Depending on demand and capacity, additional trainings sessions may be added throughout the year. The CAC Informatics Training Grid may also be modified as the OIT training program evolves to meet field needs.

Training Classes and Schedules

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Listed on this page are the current trainings offer for all IHS Areas. To register for a class, click on the "View Details" button.

NOTE: Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) training events are open only to individuals affiliated with Indian Health Service, Tribal, or Urban Indian health program facilities in the United States.

Definitions of class types:

  • eLearning: Instructor-led demonstration via web and phone. This class type does not include hands-on instruction. Participants may join from their home site with phone and computer/internet access.
  • eLearning/Hands-on: Instructor-led demonstration and hands-on via web and phone. Some sessions provide access to an OIT training environment while others require access to a home training environment or test patient. Participants may join from their home site with phone and computer/internet access.
  • Classroom: In-person instructor-led lecture and hands-on in an OIT training environment. Participants must be in the classroom to participate.
  • Satellite Classroom: Area provided proctor supports an instructor teaching via web and phone. This class type includes hands-on in an OIT training environment. Participants must be in the classroom to participate.
  • Blended Learning: Instructors-led demonstration and hands-on. This methodology combines all four of the other class types: eLearning, eLearning/hands-on, satellite and classroom. Participants have the option of registering to participate in a physical classroom or registering to participate in an eLearning environment. All participants will view and listen to the same demonstration. Participants registered to participate in a physical classroom will receive supplemental hands-on exercises.
  • Bridge: Area coordinated session. OIT provides audio and video links while Area coordinates the BridgeMaster, SME proctors, and training databases. The BridgeMaster manages the distribution of materials, surveys, and logistical information to participants.

Note: All trainings listed below are OIT sponsored trainings. Go to Area Sponsored RPMS Training for each individual area's training schedule.

OIT Training Classes in All Areas

     Accounts Receivable (BAR) - eLearning

     Accounts Receivable (BAR) and Third Party Billing (ABM) Office Hours – Q&A session

     CMS Interoperability - Patient Access Rule Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notification

     EHR Clinical Informatics Series - eLearning/Hands-on

     iCare Office Hours - eLearning/hands-on

     Immunization Data Exchange (BYIM) - eLearning

     Immunization Tracking System (BI) - eLearning

     Laboratory (LR) - Office Hours - eLearning

     Patient Registration (AG)

     Pharmacy Package Office Hours- eLearning/hands-on

     Pharmacy Point of Sale [POS] (ABSP)

     Practice Management Application Suite (BPRM) – Office Hours – eLearning

     Practice Management Application Suite (BPRM) – Patient Registration – eLearning

     Practice Management Application Suite (BPRM) – Scheduling – eLearning

     RPMS/EHR Office Hours- eLearning/hands-on

     Third Party Billing (ABM) - eLearning

If you are having issues registering for a training class please contact the OIT RPMS Training Coordinator.