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Division of Grants Management

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The mission of the Division of Grants Management (DGM) is to efficiently and effectively manage and administer IHS grants, providing quality customer service and technical expertise to internal and external stakeholders. The Division of Grants Management (DGM) is located the Office of Management Services.

DGM’s core responsibilities include soliciting, awarding, and administering grants and cooperative agreements for IHS grantees. Additionally, DGM offers guidance, financial management, and technical assistance to grantees. Within the organizational structure, the IHS Grants Policy Office (GP), located under the OMS and within DGM, is home to the Chief Grants Management Officer (CGMO) also known as the Director and the Grants Policy Officer (GPO).

Grants policy plays a pivotal role in how staff provide oversight of all DGM grants operations functions to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies (HHS and IHS). To ensure effective oversight, DGM has established three internal teams; Policy, Training and Systems that collaborate to address all of the critical functions of the division including developing policies and procedures for IHS grants management, offering training for internal staff and grantees, and maintaining grant systems functions. The CGMO serves as a liaison between the HHS Office of Grants Policy, Oversight, and Evaluation, overseeing all grants staff and addressing grants management-related issues. Lastly, GP handles inquiries and maintains grant opportunities on Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .