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2012 Catalog: All Courses

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DE0224: 2013 California Area Dental Meeting

Date: 5/06/2013 - 5/09/2013 Course Status: Completed
Facility: Doubletree Hotel Location: Sacramento, CA
Instructor: Thaddous Archie, Justin Crone, Douglas Young, Susan Dahl, Ronni Brown, Catherine Draper, Nicette Short, Joel Laudenbach, Vicki Wedel, Lisa Saiia, Jerry Minsky, Heidi Christopher, JOEL BERRYHILL, Alan Anderson, Marilyn Freeman, Stacey Kennedy, Cheryl Terpak, Gary Nelson, Melodi Randolph, Todd Greenway, Elisa Tong, Martin Smith, Matthew Nealon, Julie Mendoza, Frank Grimaldi, Melissa Reese, Virginia Hedrick, Steve Riggio, Lalani Ratnayake, Carolyn Brown, Nancy Andrews, Michael Meharry, John Jow Director: Steve Riggio
Level: Basic Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants
Quota: 10 - 400 students Tuition: $0.00
Hours: 75.50 (Total CDE); 2.00 (AGD - 017); 2.00 (AGD - 070); 2.00 (AGD - 135); 8.00 (AGD - 142); 2.00 (AGD - 145); 4.00 (AGD - 148); 13.00 (AGD - 149); 1.00 (AGD - 150); 0.50 (AGD - 151); 2.00 (AGD - 157); 2.00 (AGD - 158); 1.50 (AGD - 182); 4.00 (AGD - 250); 2.00 (AGD - 258); 2.00 (AGD - 430); 6.00 (AGD - 550); 0.50 (AGD - 552); 2.00 (AGD - 561); 2.00 (AGD - 563); 2.00 (AGD - 610); 2.00 (AGD - 670); 2.00 (AGD - 690); 2.00 (AGD - 730); 2.00 (AGD - 731); 1.00 (AGD - 750); 2.00 (AGD - 751); 2.00 (AGD - 754); 2.00 (AGD - 770)
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The IHS Division of Oral Health is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider
The IHS Division of Oral Health is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider

The purpose of this four day conference is to provide relevant continuing education to California Area dental staff. A variety of clinical topics will be covered. Course objectives, instructor bios, and all disclosure forms are on file.

Learning Objectives:

Disclosure Policy:

It is the policy of the Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health, that faculty/planners disclose any financial or other relationships with commercial companies whose products may be discussed in the educational activity. The Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health, also requires that faculty disclose any unlabeled or investigative use of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Images that have been falsified or manipulated to misrepresent treatment outcomes are prohibited.

None of the faculty/planners for this activity has a conflict of interest, and there is no use of unlabeled or investigative pharmaceutical products or medical devices. No images have been falsified or manipulated to misrepresent treatment outcomes.The educational objectives, content, and selection of educational methods and instructors are conducted independent of any commercial entity.

Concerns or complaints about this course may be directed to IHS CDE Coordinator or to ADA CERP (



Tuition Payment Information:

Tuition Policy:

Tuition must be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the start date of any course. Request for refunds must be received in writing at least two weeks before the course begins. For each refund request, there will be an administrative charge of $100. No refunds will be made to registrants who fail to attend a course. If IHS CDE program cancels a course, then 100% of the tuition will be refunded.

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