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Contract Proposal Liaison Officers

The IHS P.L. 93-638 contracting roles and responsibilities reside within the IHS twelve (12) Area Offices. The Contract Proposal Liaison Officers (CPLOs), the Contracting Officers (awarding personnel) and the Program Officials (programmatic monitoring of the contracts) primary responsibility is to work directly with tribes on P.L. 93-638 contracting.

These key Area Office staff are responsible for and involved with:

  • Informing tribes about the contracting process;
  • Providing technical assistance; and
  • Overseeing programmatic and financial aspects of the contracts.

The CPLO is the primary contact for all proposals submitted under P.L. 93-638 contracting. The CPLOs are also responsible for dissemination of information to tribes.

Alaska - Lanie Fox

Albuquerque – Randall Morgan

Bemidji - Tammy King

Billings - Jennifer LaMere

California - Wesley Simmons

Great Plains - Dan Davis

Nashville – Kirk Meyer

Navajo - Marquis Yazzie

Oklahoma - Lania Snow or Mike Henson

Phoenix - Hope Johnson

Portland - Rena Macy