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Health Facilities Advisory Committee (HFAC)

The HFAC is established for the purpose of reviewing, evaluating, developing, and issuing criteria requirements used in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of IHS health care facilities and staff quarters. The HFAC's major thrust is in developing generic standards to provide continuity and consistency in IHS health care facilities. The standards will minimize the need to "reinvent the wheel." Recommendations by the HFAC will be documented and based on past experience, sound judgment, deductive risk management, and suitability for standardization in the IHS arena.

Position Member Location Phone
Chairperson Steven Raynor HQ 301-443-1415
Vice Chairperson Martin Shutt GP 605-226-7598
Executive Secretary CAPT Mark Hench HQ 301-443-4614
Member Michael Weaver DES 206-615-2460
Member Kevin D'Amanda HQ 301-443-4562
Member CDR Christian Guess PHX 602-364-5071
Member CAPT Jason Lovett POR 503-414-5531
Member CAPT Hugh Denny AKA 907-229-3369
Member LCDR Michael Hiles NAS 931-743-3035
Alternate Peter Nachod HQ 301-443-4205
Alternate LCDR Brad Weekley GP 701-420-9201
Alternate Denman Ondelacy DES 206-615-2451
Alternate Rick Wermers HQ 301-443-8627
Alternate CAPT Steve MCGovern PHX 602-364-5066
Alternate CDR Ali Ali CAO 916-930-3981 x203
Alternate CDR Shad Shoppert AKA 209-351-1669
Alternate CDR John Hansen PHX 602-364-5075
Alternate VACANT