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Personnel Systems

There are three Human Resource systems utilized within the IHS and tribal facilities. Two systems provide federal benefits; the commissioned corps and civil service. The other system, direct tribal hire, is similar to the private sector where benefits are provided by the individual tribe entity. Of all the optometrists providing eye care for AI/AN, the majority are commissioned corps officers and direct tribal hires with the remaining being under civil service. Human Resource options available vary with the location of the hospital or health center. Ask about Human Resource options when inquiring about each job.

Commissioned Corps

The commissioned corps is one of the seven uniformed services of the United States government.
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Civil Service

Civil Service is the United States government civilian personnel system.
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Direct Tribal Hire

Benefits are offered by the tribe and vary from tribe to tribe. Apply directly to the tribe offering the position.


The majority of health care facilities are located in predominantly rural settings on reservations throughout 35 states primarily in the western United States including Alaska. Optometrists, in both tribal and IHS programs provide optometric care working within a multidisciplinary health team where a true peer relationship exists.

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