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IHS Office of Information Technology (OIT) CRS Project Team

OIT Clinical Lead:
Melinda Nez, BSN RN
IHS OIT HQ Nurse Informaticist
Phone: 301-526-8445

Developer, Technical Support: Please call OIT User Support first.
Lori Butcher, Cimarron Medical Informatics
Phone: 760-814-2617
Cell: 520-360-0839

End User Support: Please call OIT User Support first.
OIT Support Center
Toll Free: 888-830-7280

Megan Galope, GDIT for IHS
Phone: 602-266-0593

GPRA and National GPRA Reporting:
Melissa Boney, Acting GPRA Coordinator, IHS
Phone: 301-443-1117
Email the National GPRA Support Team

To report system problems, click here to contact the OIT User Support

For additional information about Area-sponsored GPRA (Government Performance Results Act) activities, please contact your Area GPRA representative [PDF - 119 KB], or your site GPRA coordinator.

Discuss CRS report results, data quality issues, RPMS database problems and solutions, etc. with other users, send a message to the CRS LISTSERV.