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Find Personnel by Position

When you know the individual's title or position, you can use the Dental Directory to refine your search based on position title. To narrow the scope of the Directory listing and find a specific position, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Directory tab in main navigation
  2. Select “Position” from the Browse By: pull-down list beneath the Directory tab
  3. Click the go button to the right of the Browse By: pull-down list
  4. Select the position title from the Position: pull-down list displayed beneath the Browse By: pull-down list, or use the Position: pull-down list in the main area of the page
  5. Click the go button to the right of either Position: pull-down list
    image of directory page highlighted as discussed in steps 1 to 5
  6. The displayed information changes to show all personnel currently identified with the selected position title
    image of directory page showing sample results of a search by position

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