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Supervisor Use


This help section covers the main tasks of Supervisors for use and maintenance of the Division of Oral Health (DOH) Dental Directory.

Basic navigation within the Dental Directory is accomplished using a set of tabs for main navigation and contextual hyperlinks. For more details, please review the Navigation section of help.

As a Supervisor, you are responsible for maintaining your staff list, which includes:


The pages and processes within the Dental Directory web site used to fulfill these tasks are:

  • “Directory Home” to log into the Indian Health Service (IHS) Internet
  • “Staff” to view personnel supervised and begin supervisory tasks
  • “Staff Wizard” to add, remove, and transfer personnel, and the add positions
  • “Position Wizard” to add positions to a facility

We encourage all Supervisors at all levels to take the Quick Tour for instruction on the Dental Directory system and an overview of main tasks.

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