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Facility Name: A-Mo Health Center
A picture of the facility, if available.



Street Address:

900 N Owen Walters Blvd.
Salina, OK

About A-Mo Health Center

Construction on new health center began June 2023. The clinic at Salina is located on ten acres of land where, it is said, Cherokees and other people came to trade for salt. The name, A-Mo, is Cherokee for “The Salt Place.” The clinic was opened in April of 1996 and has 22,640 square feet of floor space. During FY 2009 there were 45,297 outpatient visits. Scope of Service: In addition to Dental the clinic provides Medical, Pediatrics, Public Health Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Community Nutrition, Radiology, WIC, Optometry, Behavioral Health, Mammography, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and Contract Health. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Geographic Information
Location: Salina, OK
Type of Program: Tribal
Tribe/Nation: Cherokee Nation
Staffing / Clinic Size
Year Clinic was built (or remodeled):
Number of dental operatories: 8
Types of referral services: OS, Endo, Pediatric, Prosth
Total dental clinic staffing: 14
Clinic Specifics / About The Area
Number of clinic patients (users):
Nearest city with > 50,000 people & distance:
Airports serving the area & distance:
Housing Options:
Distance from clinic to nearest residential area:
Distance to nearest schools: 0
Recreational opportunities in the immediate area: Lakes!

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