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Editing Your Personal Information

Note: You must be logged in to perform this task.

Due to the mobility of personnel in the Division of Oral Health, each staff member is able to edit their personal information within the Dental Directory. The information that individuals can edit consists of the following items:

  • Name - in cases of marriage or divorce to maintain the current name in the database
  • Phone Numbers - your direct phone numbers
  • Profile Description - a voluntary biography about yourself
  • Schools - this information can be updated as your experience and education continue to grow
  • Professional Interests - this area allows you to express your professional goals
  • Photograph - the Dental Directory allows users the option of uploading a photograph to further personalize their directory listing

These data items may require change for any number of reasons. To edit this information within the Dental Directory, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Edit My Listing” link below your name on the far left side of any Directory page (in the gray area) to open your Directory listing

    Note: If you do not see an “Edit My Listing” link, you are not logged into the Dental Directory, please review “Logging into the IHS Internet” before proceeding

  2. Make changes to the information as needed
  3. If you wish to upload a photo, scroll to the Upload Picture section of the page and click the Browse button to open the “Choose File” dialog box
    image of edit listing page highlighted as discussed in steps 1, 2, and 3

  4. Locate the file of the photo you want to upload, select it, and click the Open button to close the “Choose File” dialog box
    image of choose file dialog box highlighted as discussed in step 4

  5. Click the Upload button to complete the photo upload
  6. Click the Submit button to finalize all of your changes
    image of edit listing page highlighted as discussed in steps 5 and 6

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