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Facility Name: San Simon Health Center
A picture of the facility, if available.



Mailing Address:

P.O.Box 548
Sells, AZ

Street Address:

T.O Nation Health Care
Sells Hospital Dental Program
Sells, AZ

About San Simon Health Center

This is a new facility [about 2yrs old] with 6 chairs, digital radiology, and computers in all operatories.

Geographic Information
Location: Sells, AZ
Type of Program: Tribal
Service Unit: SELLS
Tribe/Nation: Tohono Oodham Nation
Staffing / Clinic Size
Year Clinic was built (or remodeled): 1998
Number of dental operatories: 10
Types of referral services:
Total dental clinic staffing: 4
Clinic Specifics / About The Area
Number of clinic patients (users):
Nearest city with > 50,000 people & distance:
Airports serving the area & distance:
Housing Options:
Distance from clinic to nearest residential area:
Distance to nearest schools:
Recreational opportunities in the immediate area:

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