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EDR Document Index

Adobe PDF Document Master Dentrix Webinar schedule.pdf   (pdf - 210KB)
Information and links to Dentrix Webinars hosted by the IHS Division of Oral Health.
MS Excel Document DXE Upgrade Matrix.xls   (xls - 153KB)
Dentrix Upgrade Matrix [Updated 8-14-17]
Adobe PDF Document How to access DXE training videos.pdf   (pdf - 308KB)
How to access Dentrix Training Videos online. [Updated 9-20-17]
Adobe PDF Document Dentrix Support_training_videos_URLs.pdf   (pdf - 204KB)
Dentrix support and training video URLs
Adobe PDF Document IHS DOH EDR Enroll Process 2017.pdf   (pdf - 102KB)
IHS DOH Enrollment process 2017
MS Excel Document EDR_Upgrade_Matrix 9_2_16.xls   (xls - 118KB)
EDR Upgrade Matrix 9-2016
Adobe PDF Document IHS DOH EDR Enroll Process 2016.pdf   (pdf - 80KB)
IHS DOH EDR Enroll Process 2016
Adobe PDF Document Adding a New Dental Provider and Hygienist to DE Version 8.0.5 – January 2016.pdf   (pdf - 264KB)
Instructions on how to add a dentist or hygienist to Dentrix Enterprise version 8.0.5
Adobe PDF Document Dentrix Enterprise 7.0 Users Guide - IHS.pdf   (pdf - 10295KB)
Updated Dentrix Enterprise 7.0 Users Guide
Adobe PDF Document Dentrix Enterprise 8.0.5 Users Guide - IHS.pdf   (pdf - 11432KB)
Updated Dentrix Enterprise 8.0.5 Users Guide
Adobe PDF Document Troubleshooting_How_To_Guide_V2.0.pdf   (pdf - 598KB)
Describes the steps to take when encountering some of the commonly occurring problems with the interface between EDR and RPMS.
Adobe PDF Document 8.0.5 System Requirements.pdf   (pdf - 332KB)
Dentrix Enterprise version 8.0.5 system requirements
Adobe PDF Document New Provider and New Hygienst added to RPMS and EDR Version 7.0.pdf   (pdf - 176KB)
Instructions on how to add a dentist or hygienist to Dentrix Enterprise version 7.0
Adobe PDF Document IHS DOH EDR Enroll Process 2015.pdf   (pdf - 153KB)
IHS DOH EDR Enroll Process 2015
Adobe PDF Document IHS V7.0Training Needs Questionnaire, final, 20150130.pdf   (pdf - 427KB)
Describes the process to get additional training for Dentrix Enterprise after the initial training at installation, such as a refresher course or when new staff come on board.
Adobe PDF Document DEXIS_Imaging_Suite_Supported_Hardware_508.pdf   (pdf - 512KB)
Dexis 10 Supported Hardware Updated 6/2014
Adobe PDF Document EDR_Installation_and_Implementation_Guide.pdf   (pdf - 125KB)
EDR Installation and Implementation Guide
Adobe PDF Document DTXE_7_System_Requirements.pdf   (pdf - 433KB)
Dentrix 7.0 System Requirements
Adobe PDF Document EDR Business Continuity Server Backup Plan.pdf   (pdf - 1098KB)
EDR Business Continuity Server Backup Plan
Adobe PDF Document DXE Registry Push Documentation, 25Sept2014 v1_0.pdf   (pdf - 317KB)
This document provides instructions for centralizing the registry values and creating shortcuts on the user’s desktop to synchronize user-specific preferences as well as the location of the database file.
Adobe PDF Document IHS_EDR_CDT_2014_IH_Codes_LOC_RVU_Op_Site.pdf   (pdf - 345KB)
IHS/EDR Code Table - CDT 2014/IHS Specific Codes
Adobe PDF Document CDT 2014 Coding Updates.pdf   (pdf - 563KB)
Coding updates presentation.
Adobe PDF Document Reviewing Dental Visits for Claims Authentication v3.pdf   (pdf - 37KB)
Guidelines for RPMS coders to use when reviewing PCC visits that include dental data sent over from EDR/Dentrix
Adobe PDF Document Bade Patch 1 detail display.pdf   (pdf - 39KB)
Instructions for determining if a site is running the certified or non-certified version of BADE v1 Patch 1
Adobe PDF Document EDR Fact Sheet May 2009.pdf   (pdf - 52KB)
Basic facts about the EDR and its implementation
Adobe PDF Document EDR_RPMS Relationship.pdf   (pdf - 36KB)
Users Guide to the relationship between EDR and RPMS using the IHS certified interface.
Adobe PDF Document IHS 5.0 Supplement.pdf   (pdf - 2137KB)
EDR features in Dentrix 5.0

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