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EDR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How will EDR benefit me and what are the implications of implementing EDR?
  2. Is the EDR part of EHR?
  3. How much does EDR cost?
  4. How do I get the EDR?
  5. Can my site use its own funds to purchase EDR and expedite implementation?


  1. What do I need to implement the EDR in terms of
  2. How do I apply to be considered for EDR Implementation?
  3. How long does it take from the time I apply to the time the EDR is implemented?
  4. Does it matter if my site has RPMS installed?
  5. Does it matter if my site is IHS Federal or Tribal?
  6. How much will the software slow us down?
  7. How should I schedule patients during the initial implementation?
  8. What do we do if some of our staff don't want to use the software or don't seem to "get it"?


  1. What happens to my dental data when I get EDR?
  2. Can I bill third parties using the EDR?
  3. What digitial radiography hardware is compatible with the EDR?
  4. If my site has already purchased Dentrix or Dentrix Enterprise and wants to add the IHS certified interfaces with RPMS, what is the process and how much does it cost?


  1. Who do I ask if I have questions or problems?
  2. How is the product supported?
  3. Is someone in IHS already an expert in the software and shortcuts?
  4. How do we get updates when codes change?
  5. How can I access patient information when the entire system goes down?
  6. What do I do when the entire system goes down?


  1. What do we need for Training Facility/Resources? (Room, # of Computers, LCD Projector)
  2. Does everyone have to be trained or can we train part of our staff and have them train the rest?
  3. How long does the training take?
  4. Do we have to shut down the entire clinic down to do the training?
  5. What do we do if some of our staff aren't computer literate?

Site Selection

  1. Do we have to have computers in all of our operatories?
  2. Do we have to have 2 monitors per operatory?


  1. Can someone go in and change someone else's entry?
  2. Can all staff see all data entered?
  3. Do I have to use my password each time I use the software?

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