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2015 IHS National Oral Health Council Clinical Excellence in Dentistry Awards

In a continued effort to encourage and recognize excellent performance by IHS dental program personnel, the Field Advisory Committee [FAC] of the NOHC announces these awards honoring dental assistants, hygienists, dentists, and a specialist. These 2015 annual awards recognize the following individuals who have excelled at the provision of Oral Health Care:

  • Junior Dental Assistant: Ms. Tammie Miller [Alaska Area]
  • Senior Dental Assistant: Ms. Arlene Yazzie [California Area]
  • Junior RD Hygienist: Ms. Jill Coultas [California Area]
  • Senior RD Hygienist: Ms. Stacey Wobbe [California Area]
  • Junior Dentist: Dr. Alexander Campagna [Nashville Area]
  • Mid-Career Dentist: Dr. Brittany Satini [Navajo Area]
  • Senior Dentist: Dr. Kathryne Feng [Albuquerque Area]
  • Specialist: Dr. Mohamed Awad, Oral Surgery [Oklahoma City Area]

The above awards were selected from the nominations submitted from the entire IHS Dental Staff and reviewed and selected by the Awards Workgroup of the FAC NOHC.

I wish to offer my gratitude to all of these well-deserved 2015 selectees for your continued service to our American Indian and Alaska Native patients.


Timothy L. Lozon, D.D.S.
Director, Division Of Oral Health

Posted: 12/09/2015