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National Oral Health Council

Welcome to the Indian Health Service [IHS] National Oral Health Council [NOHC] website. The NOHC is a permanent IHS National Council consisting of all dental staff in the IHS/Tribal/Urban Indian Organization [I/T/U] programs and functions under the guidance and authority of the IHS, Division of Oral Health [DOH] and the Director, Office of Clinical and Preventive Services. The NOHC has two standing committees:

Executive Leadership Committee. The Executive Leadership Committee [ELC] is the leadership body of the NOHC with final voting and decision-making privileges for establishing NOHC priorities and procedures. The ELC is composed of the Area Dental Officers [ADO] appointed by each IHS Area and the DOH Headquarters staff. The Chair of the ELC is the DOH Director or their designee.

Field Advisory Committee. The Field Advisory Committee [FAC] of the NOHC is a subsidiary of and responsive to the ELC. The FAC is composed of one dentist from each IHS Area who serves as the Area representative, one dental assistant, one dental hygienist, one dental therapist, one ADO, and one DOH Headquarters employee.

NOHC Mission: to improve the oral health and overall health of Native American / Alaskan Native people.

NOHC strategic goals:

  • Prioritize effective communication between I/T/U dental staff, the FAC, the ELC, and IHS leadership.

  • Identify needs and obstacles faced by I/T/U dental staff and develop meaningful policies and solutions.

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