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2018 IHS National Oral Health Council Clinical Excellence in Dentistry Awards

Once again in an effort to encourage and recognize excellent performance by IHS dental program personnel, the Field Advisory Committee [FAC] of the National Oral Health Council [NOHC] on behalf of Dr. Timothy Lozon, Director of the Division of Oral Health, announces these awards honoring our dental assistants, hygienists, dentists, and a specialist. These 2018 annual award selectees were individuals who have excelled at the provision of Oral Health Care during the past year:

  • Junior Dental Assistant: Ms. Rachel Morsette, Native American Rehabilitation Association, Portland Area
  • Senior Dental Assistant: Ms. Teena Walker, Klamath Health Clinic, Portland Area
  • Junior Dental Hygienist: LCDR Keasha Myrick, Oklahoma Administration, Oklahoma Area
  • Senior Dental Hygienist: Ms. Colleen White, Gallup Medical Center, Navajo Area
  • Junior Dentist: Dr. Cristin Haase, Klamath Health Center, Portland Area
  • Mid-Career Dentist: Dr. Abby DeBonis, South Central [ANMC], Alaska Area
  • Senior Dentist: Dr. David Drockton, Sault Sainte Marie Health Clinic, Bemidji Area
  • Specialist: Dr. James Osaki, Phoenix Indian Medical Center, Phoenix Area

The above awards were selected from the nominations submitted from the National Oral Health Council [made up of the entire IHS/Tribal/Urban Dental Staff] and reviewed and selected by the Awards Workgroup of the Field Advisory Committee of the NOHC. I would like to thank the people who nominated all the candidates for this year’s awards.

And I especially wish to offer my thanks and appreciation to all of these well-deserved 2018 selectees for your continued outstanding service to our American Indian and Alaska Native patients.


Timothy L. Lozon, D.D.S.
Director, Division of Oral Health

Posted: 11/29/2018