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Health Information Management



The RRM HIM staffing module estimates the requirements for a HIM administrator, HIM technician, a Patient Care Component (PCC) supervisor, and PCC data entry personnel to manage and organize all patient treatment records using the PCC part of the RPMS computer system. The workload parameters that are the key variables in the staffing estimation are Average Daily Patient Load (ADPL) and Primary Care Provider Visits (PCPVs).

Services Description:

Management and organization of all patient treatment records for both inpatient and outpatient clinical activities, e.g. obtaining, securing, protecting, preserving, and utilizing HIM information. Coordinate records preparation, transcription of records, and final assembly of the record. The HIM Department must assure the confidentiality and privacy of the patient.

The HIM Department is responsible for total data entry of Patient Care Component (PCC) forms for chart review, telephone calls, consultation forms, nursing home visits, in hospital visits, etc. These types of data must be entered into the PCC system by the practitioners.

Staffing Criteria

Fixed HIM Administrator staff of 1.00 FTE.

Fixed HIM Technician staff of 1.00 FTE per facility, plus 1.00 FTE HIM Technician for every 14.3 ADPL.

HIM Technician (CHA/P) - 1.0 FTE for every 40,000 CHA/P encounters.

1.00 FTEs HIM Technician for every 4,550 PCPVs, plus 1.0 FTE for every 40,000 CHA/P encounters.

Patient Care Component (PCC):
PCC Supervisor staff of 1.00 FTE for every 4.0 PCC data entry staff.

1.00 FTEs PCC Data Entry staff for every 16,000 OPVs (A population factor is also a part of the formula. Based on both Inpatient and out patient workloads).

PCC Data Entry (CHA/P) - 1.0 FTE for every 16,000 CHA/P encounters.

Fixed Coder (Inpatient) staff of 1.0 per hospital, plus 1.0 FTE for every 1250 admissions over 1000.

Fixed Coder (Outpatient) staff of 1.0 FTE per facility, plus 1.0 FTE for every 20,000 OPVs.

1.00 FTE Medical Runner staff for every 144,000 OPVs. ( A population factor is also part of the formula.)

Staffing Formulae

Driving Variables:

CHA/P Encounters
Staffed Supervised

Personnel Categories:

HIM Administrator
HIM Technician
HIM Technician (CHA/P)
PCC Supervisor
PCC Data Entry Personnel
PCC Data Entry Personnel (CHA/P)
Medical Runner


Personal Category FTEs
HIM Administrator 1.0
HIM Technician (Hosp.) 1.0
PCC Supervisor 1.0
Coder 1.0


Personal Category FTEs per Driving Variables Min. Max.
HIM Technician 1.0 14.3 ADPL n/a n/a
HIM Technician 1.0 4,550 PCPVs n/a n/a
HIM Technician (CHA/P) 1.0 40,000 CHA/P Encounter n/a n/a
PCC Data Entry Personnel 1.0 16,000 PCPVs n/a n/a
PCC Data Entry (CHA/P) 1.0 16,000 CHA/P Encounter n/a n/a
Coder 1.0 1,250 Admissions n/a n/a
Coder 1.0 20,000 OPVs n/a n/a
Medical Runner 1.0 144,000 OPVs n/a n/a