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RRM References


A. Background

This Staffing Standards Reference Model documents the current staffing criteria used in the Resource Requirements Methodology (RRM). These criteria are used in concert with empirical data, such as workload or service population, called driving variables, to estimate the staffing requirements in full-time equivalents to provide comprehensive acute, chronic, and preventative health care services to Indian people.

This manual was prepared after extensive discussion with IHS professionals affiliated with the program discipline responsible for the services of each particular RRM module. The proposed changes to each RRM module were further reviewed by a RRM Technical Advisory Committee.

B. Documentation

The documentation for each RRM module contains the following material for each discipline module:

  • Overview
  • Users Description
  • Staffing Criteria
  • Staffing Categories
    • Staffing Formulae
    • Personnel Categories
    • Driving Variables
    • Fixed staffing formulae
    • Variable staffing formulae

Table of Contents

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