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Funded Projects - FHC

Forensic Healthcare (FHC) Services

Read the 2022 FHC Grantee List [PDF - 400 KB].

2022 FHC Grantee Project Summaries

Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board

The Wo'ohitike Collaborative (TWC) of the Great Plains Tribal Leaders’ Health Board (GPTLHB) and Oyate Health Center (OHC) will partner with Native Women’s Health Care (NWHC) to increase access to forensic healthcare services, education, training, and resources for American Indians in the Rapid City and surrounding communities in Western, South Dakota. Wo'ohitike means bravery in Lakota – a virtue TWC intends to foster by developing a tribally focused sexual assault response team (SART) for improved response services; training medical personnel; partnering with NWHC to offer sexual assault medical forensic examiners (SAMFEs), forensic interviewing, and advocacy; collaborating with NWHC to create public health messaging and build a referral service network; and implementing culturally appropriate, trauma-informed approaches to affect survivors’ positive outcomes and wellbeing.

Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority

Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority's program is committed to increasing best practices in the prevention of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, and child maltreatment. Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority is devoted to increasing services with project activities that will include: increasing community and professional staff knowledge with education and activities; increase health care services and availability; improve collaboration within the tribe and surrounding communities; increase communication to provide a more complete service plan by implementing an Assault Response Team; increase community presence by increasing education and outreach; improve data collection to support and improve services. Implementation of comprehensive prevention strategies addressing factors influencing domestic and sexual violence behaviors at each of the following levels: individual, relationship, and community. Trainings will be provided to staff on cultural appropriateness, and trauma informed care.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma forensic healthcare project Hopohlvchi will work to expand outreach and increase awareness of forensic healthcare within Choctaw Nation; increase access to quality medical forensic healthcare to victims of sexual violence along with promoting education and community resources; and improve organizational practices and provide needed services for individuals and their families.

Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, Inc.

The Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center (GLIIHC) forensic healthcare project (FHP) will provide culturally-sensitive and advocacy driven forensic healthcare to survivors of sexual assault. The GLIIHC FHP will develop policies, protocols, and procedures for infrastructure development and implementation of forensic nursing services to include sexual assault forensic nursing policies and victim advocacy protocols. The Project will provide education and outreach on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives through community in-service gatherings, public health messaging, and hosting awareness events.