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Project Spotlights

Indian Health Council, Inc.

IHC staffed domestic violence booth
Through its DVPI program, Indian Health Council, Inc. of Valley Center California provides education and outreach to different area tribes on the following topics: dynamics of domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, teen dating violence, stalking, and bullying. This summer, IHC provided educational presentations to the consortium tribe's youth programs to increase their awareness and understanding on these topics. The outreach was successful with the youth actively participating and asking lots of questions.

This fall, IHC developed an awareness campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. Four different public service announcements aired on the Pala reservation radio station through the month centering on the themes of pride, hope, strength and tradition. As a result of IHC's efforts, Mesa Junior College asked them to present on domestic violence and sexual assault to 200-500 of their students, including abuse survivors.


Pinon Health Center

Man with baby at Pinion event
Pinon Health Center's Pinon Health Promotion DVPI has focused much of its work on youth centered approaches through partnerships with local schools, first by using a social marketing approach through bullying programs at the elementary and middle schools. For older students, the 1Team, 1Cause, 1Movement Campaign (1TCM), consisting of community education, media marketing, including a PSA, and voluntarism, educated high school athletes to be representatives of positive change against DV and to encourage students to commit to being violence free. At one event, attendees posed for photos with their "6th Man," someone who has made a positive change in that individual's relationships. The photos and stories were later posted on the service unit's social media page.

Other programs offered by Pinon include the evidence-based Safe Dates, an after school program for high school students; and for teen parents, the Center of My Basket, which provides a wide range of maternal and child health information and two sessions on DV, created to address and prevent possible child abuse and neglect. To engage youth, Pinion has held Media Madness Tours, where youth are provided with information on either intimate partner violence or bullying and use what is learned to plan and produce social media campaigns through posters or a PSA activity.