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Alaska Area

Alaska Native Justice Center

Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC) is the primary provider of culturally appropriate victim advocacy services for Alaska Native/American Indian people, specializing in serving survivors of sexual and domestic violence. ANJC offers services to survivors such as filing for divorce and/or child custody and protective orders, court accompaniment, one-on-one support and advocacy case management to survivors and victimized family members, and referrals to supportive services such as transitional housing, substance abuse and mental health counseling. ANJC works in collaboration with the Anchorage Alliance for Violence Prevention as well as with interested agencies and individuals to develop comprehensive efforts to reducing rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in Anchorage.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) will partner with the Alaska Native Justice Center, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments to continue their efforts in addressing domestic violence and sexual assault in their communities. The ANTHC plans to provide education and awareness through: 1) providing a 2-day training in the Tribal communities; 2) develop a community toolkit around Healthy Families to provide support to agencies and the communities to build skills for violence and intervention; 3) provide community workshops and technical assistance on the materials and resources; and 4) offer a leadership development program in partnership with Arctic Winds Healing Winds where each group will plan and implement community change projects that address domestic violence and sexual assault in their respective communities.

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc.

The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc., Weaving Strong Baskets: Achieving Healthy Relationships, plans to expand their existing program and activities to create a safe environment for peer support and educational opportunities including conflict resolution and emotion regulation within a culturally grounded metaphor of basket weaving. Referrals will be provided at these activities as needed to the shelter, primary care, and/or behavioral health services.

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation

The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation’s Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds project is designed to increase access to domestic and sexual violence prevention, advocacy, family wellness, and behavioral health services for children and families in the Bristol Bay Region of Alaska. These services will be provided through the Child Advocacy Center. "Nitaput" Child Advocacy Center is the region’s only CAC and specializes in supporting children and families who have lived through abuse and works as the leading community partner in working to prevent abuse and violence. This project promotes community education on domestic and sexual violence and collaboration with the schools, regionally-assigned state and Tribal agencies, the local domestic violence shelter, and state and local law enforcement agencies.


The Chugachmiut Sungcarluta Ggwangumetnek (Women Healing Ourselves) program asserts that every woman is an advocate and that she can be a force for change in ending violence against all women. The goals of this program are to: 1) bolster community response; 2) identify local women leaders; and 3) over the next five years cultivate locally organized and facilitated women's recovery groups in all four service villages of the Chugach Region.

Copper River Native Association (AHTNA' T'AENE NENE')

The Copper River Native Association (CRNA) will provide training and technical assistance for CRNA to transition to a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) organization. This will include training from the board of directors to line staff, providing trauma informed training and case supervision for counselors and clinicians and assistance in developing a trauma informed wellness program in CRNA’s compacted villages. The program will also provide education and consultation to regional providers to form a trauma informed system of care for domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their families. This will be the first formal TIC program, policies, procedures, and services developed in the Copper River region.


Kawerak’s domestic violence prevention program will implement the "Bering Strait Region Safe Home and Education" project which includes expansion of community outreach in the region and ensuring that every village in the service area has at least one Safe Home available. The Safe Home Representative Coordinator (SHRC) will recruit and train Safe Home providers. The SHRC and the Child Advocacy Center Specialist will travel to villages to educate youth and adults on the topics of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other pertinent topics.

Fairbanks Native Association

Fairbanks Native Association’s (FNA) domestic violence prevention program will promote positive youth and adult attitudes and behaviors through strength-based strategies to reduce domestic and sexual violence. The project aims to increase FNA’s capacity to provide prevention and intervention services focused on domestic violence and sexual violence; increase community coordination of domestic and sexual violence services through strengthened community partnerships; and implement domestic and sexual violence prevention programs using evidence-based and local practice to build individual strength and increase positive behaviors among youth and adults.

Kodiak Area Native Association

The Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA) seeks to create a program that promotes awareness of, and treatment for domestic violence and sexual assault victims in all communities that make up Kodiak Borough, Alaska. This initiative will create and support programs such as COMPASS, Dinners with Dad and the Choose Respect campaign. Through these efforts, KANA will raise public awareness of domestic violence as well as offer forums to mentor young men in traditional Alutiiq values such as respect, and reinforce healthy relationships between fathers and sons. This initiative will also support treatment both for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

Maniilaq Association

The Maniilaq Association Forensic Nursing Services plans to expand their current Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program in order to provide 24/7 coverage in the Northwest Arctic Region of Alaska.

Norton Sound Health Corporation

The Norton Sound Health Corporation will provide timely, culturally appropriate, and compassionate medical-forensic care to patients of all ages in the Bering Strait area who have experienced sexual assault or child sexual abuse. This program includes: 1) case management and coordination with other departments and community partners to ensure a holistic approach in addressing patients' needs; 2) building trust through community outreach to the 16 communities informing residents of the medical, behavioral health, victim advocacy support, and treatment services available to victims of sexual assault; 3) providing age appropriate information about cultural values; and 4) education on the effects of historical trauma, economic stress and climate change on the family and individual.

Southcentral Foundation

The Southcentral Foundation’s Family Wellness Warriors Initiative (FWWI) is addressing and promoting the healing of wounded hearts and minds through intensive training and education. The FWWI promotes family wellness using Alaska Native strengths to break the silence and the intergenerational cycle of abuse. Through the context of relationships and safe groups, the dignity of each individual is affirmed, allowing each person to look at how they have been harmed and how they do harm to others, and to start the healing process. The Warriors are asked to step forward to protect their families, the women to instill family values, and for the children to reflect family wellness.

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)

The Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium's Haa tuwun'aagu y'is – "For Healing Our Spirits" program will focus on increasing community education and response plans to domestic violence incidents in six communities throughout Southeast Alaska. The program seeks to coordinate support efforts across community-based organizations, nurture community Advisory Committees, educate the communities on domestic violence and sexual assault awareness, and improve systems within SEARHC's health clinics. The project will work to support collaboration between SEARHC behavioral health services, rural health clinics, and community organizations to respond to domestic violence.