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California Area

California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.

California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. (CRIHB) will provide outreach and education regarding intimate partner violence (IPV), integrating American Indian/Alaska Native ceremonies, values and practices in its approaches that will ensure community buy-in and success of the program. The project will consist of multiple levels of services to provide the various communities CRIHB serves with programming at their appropriate readiness level, including targeted outreach to those “at-risk” for IPV, training on evidence based strategies, and workshops to provide spaces of healing for those who have experienced, witnessed or been privy to IPV.

Indian Health Council, Inc.

The Indian Health Council, Inc. Peace Between Partners Program will provide education, prevention programs, and direct victim services. All services will be offered in a supportive environment reflective of cultural norms and respectful of the victim’s safety and autonomy, dignity, and personal life choices. Services delivered within a healthcare setting offer a unique opportunity for early identification and primary prevention of abuse along with integrated delivery of care. Efforts shall be coordinated to alleviate some of the unique barriers and challenges faced by AI/AN victims connected to reporting domestic violence, the availability and appropriateness of services, and access to court.

Southern Indian Health Council, Inc.

The main goal of the grant funding will be to promote education leading to recognition of abuse which then leads to prevention and intervention. The SIHC will focus on several evidence-based community program objectives which will be beneficial to American Indian communities. Through the SIHC's DVPI grant initiative we will be able to address a wide range of domestic difficulties with preventative training measures and positive reinforcement. Southern Indian Health Council is very appreciative of the important family and individual training opportunity that the DVPI grant will provide.

United Indian Health Services

United Indian Health Services' (UIHS) Mending the Circle project (MC) will expand the capacity of our clinics and communities to detect and respond to domestic and sexual violence and connect survivors with culturally appropriate services to regain balance and healing. This involves identifying and filling gaps in our current response system, shoring up holes in our community collaboration efforts, formalizing relationships with community partners, and bringing together our collective resources to create a comprehensive and sustainable effort to reduce the devastating effects of domestic and sexual violence on American Indian community members.