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Adults and Elders

Go4Life Campaign

The National Institute on Aging provides an everyday guide on exercise and physical activity for older adults. The website consists of Go4LifeExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving , a national campaign to help you fit exercise and physical activity into your daily life.

Health Care Teams and Leaders

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

The IHS Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is working to create a healthy start for babies and prevent childhood obesity. As part of this initiative, IHS is encouraging clinicians in Indian Country to support policies and practices that foster breastfeeding as the exclusive feeding choice for infants in their first six months of life. This website contains a toolkit on providing education on breastfeeding, standard of care, and polices.

Food and Nutrition

CDC School Nutrition

CDC's School Nutrition site Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving recommends that schools implement policies and practices to create a nutrition environment that supports students in making healthy choices. This website focuses on school meals, smart snacks, water access, food and beverage marketing, and healthy learning opportunities. A Comprehensive Framework for Addressing the School Nutrition Environment and Services publication is provided for school nutrition professionals, administrators, teachers, and parents with detailed information on the components of a school health environment to support students’ access to health food and beverages at school.

USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program

USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  aims to increase domestic consumption of, and access to, locally and regionally produced agricultural products, and to develop new market opportunities for farm and ranch operations serving local markets by developing, improving, expanding, and providing outreach, training, and technical assistance to, or assisting in the development, improvement, and expansion of, domestic farmers markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture programs, agritourist activities, and other direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities.

USDA Choose My Plate

The USDA ChooseMyPlate Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving website contains online tools, a video series that demonstrates small changes, tip sheets on healthy eating and active lifestyle, recipes, and a forum to share “MyPlate Moments.”

Government and Policymakers

CDC's Overweight and Obesity website Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  contains an interactive database, prevention strategies, fact sheets, resources and publications.

Obesity among American Indians/Alaska Natives

The Office of Minority Health provides a website focusing on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among American Indians/Alaska Natives adults,Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  adolescents and children.

Schools and Programs for Youth


The National Institutes of Health Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  is doing something about childhood obesity through We Can! Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition) a science-based, turn-key national education program that has grown into a national movement since its launch on June 1, 2005. The program aims to help children stay at a healthy weight through community action, strategic partnership development, and national news and events.

CDC Healthy Schools

CDC Healthy Schools consists of the Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving self-assessment and planning guide to help school districts and schools conduct an analyses of physical education curricula, based on national physical education standards.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and SHAPE America have developed new guidance documents Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  that provide schools with 19 evidence-based strategies for recess, as well as a planning guide and template to help develop a written recess plan that integrates these strategies.

The CDC's Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity released the 2016 Early Care and Education (ECE) State Indicator Report Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . This report provides information about state efforts to address childhood obesity in the Early Childcare and Education setting.


CDC Worksite Health Promotion

CDC Worksite Health Promotion Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving provides effective workplace programs and policies that can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for American workers. Learn more about workplace health promotion and how to design, implement, and evaluate effective workplace health programs.