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Meta Data Information Resource

The National Data Warehouse collects and stores registration and encounter data. Metadata is data describing data, detailing its use throughout the enterprise, and is essential for understanding information stored in the data warehouse.

This site has been developed to assist the customer by describing the data content that is stored in the data warehouse, and by showing the location and characteristics of that data so that it may be retrieved by query.

Registration tables contain patient information, including but not limited to, identifying numbers, name, demographic data, medical chart data, aliases, and insurance eligibility data. Unduplication data is also available, which identifies whether the same person is registered multiple times in the NDW database.

Encounter tables contain encounter information, including but not limited to, location of treatment, clinic, provider, medications, and diagnosis codes.

The registration and encounter tables only contain the current or latest version of the record sent in by each source.

The tables and data fields listed are a reflection of the General Data Mart. The General Data Mart is essentially a mirror of the NDW production warehouse, and is available for use by properly approved users. Due to security restrictions, the user’s level of access will determine the schema, or group of tables, required to query the data. i.e REG or REG_NP.

For further information regarding query access, see the General Data Mart Getting Started Manual, which is located in the NDW Document Library.