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About Us


The purpose of The IHS Primary Care Provider is to facilitate communication and share timely information that is relevant to the clinical practice of Indian Health Service, tribal, and urban Indian health care professional providers*.

*Health Care Professional Providers: Direct health care professional providers include (but are not limited to): physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dietician/nutritionists, dentists, social workers, pharmacists, podiatrists, optometrists, and health educators.


The goals of The IHS Primary Care Provider are to:

  1. Publish educational articles on topics of clinical interest to IHS, tribal, and urban Indian health care professionals.
  2. Distribute information on the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases with implications specific to Native Americans.
  3. Review data on long-term disease trends among Native Americans.
  4. Share problem solving strategies that might be duplicated elsewhere.
  5. Disperse innovative patient education materials.
  6. Offer a forum for clinicians to share their views on IHS programs, and for IHS Managers and Clinical Consultants to communicate with direct-care providers.
  7. Inform readers about headquarters programs, initiatives, directives, and philosophies in order to enhance commitment to the IHS mission.
  8. Present solutions to clinical and administrative problems.
  9. Advise readers of available educational resources and opportunities to apply for grants.
  10. Apprise readers of current medical literature relating to Native Americans.
  11. Publish vacancy announcements and information about upcoming continuing education activities.