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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Recruitment and Retention

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The backbone of any organization is its people. By investing in dedicated, caring and knowledgeable health care professionals, the Indian Health Service (IHS) provides the highest standards of care for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

That investment begins with hiring the right candidates. Our new Global Recruitment (GR) initiative will streamline the hiring process by consolidating similar job postings, making it easier for health professionals to find and apply for jobs and allowing hiring officials to fill critical vacancies faster.

Investing in our people also means preparing them before their first day on the job and supporting them throughout their careers.

This website is designed for clinical directors, hiring managers, facility leaders and recruiters at the national, Area and local levels. It features case studies, resources and practical advice on how to recruit, retain and support valued health professional staff. The materials linked here offer successful strategies from other Indian health leaders to encourage communication and teamwork among staff, recognize and develop future facility leaders and empower their teams to carry out the IHS mission.

IHS Virtual Career Fair

The IHS Virtual Career Fair events allow participants an opportunity to chat live and receive real-time answers to their career and Indian health program questions.

The 2017 Virtual Career Fair dates:

Recruitment Tools

The recruitment strategies and tools of the IHS Office of Human Resources (OHR) Division of Health Professions Support (DHPS) are designed to attract the best health care professionals available. This collection of knowledge-based, proven tactics and strategies are recognized as best practices in the field on the national, Area and local levels.

Retention Tools

The foundation of any successful health care practice is satisfied employees. Making health care professionals feel valued for their hard work and dedication is the key to employee satisfaction and long-term retention, and will motivate clinicians to consider future IHS leadership roles. The following resources will help you acclimate new hires, as well as support and motivate them throughout their careers.