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Administrative Applications

RPMS administrative applications support the business of providing healthcare. Every day, people rely on administrative staff to manage the movement of people and supplies. Administrative applications are used to collect, store, and report patient demographic information; manage schedules, admit, discharge and transfer patients; create insurance claims; and to handle manual billing, electronic billing and accounts receivables. They also facilitate electronic management of resource requests and supplies. Data captured via these applications are compiled and analyzed to improve management decisions and to assess the quality of patient care.
Accounts Receivable (BAR)
Administrative Resource Management System (ACR)
Benchmark Price Update (APSA)
Computerized Public Health Activity Data System (BNI)
eCQM Engine (ECQM)
eCQM Export Tool (BQRE)
Generic Retrieval Utility (GRU)
National Site Tracking (BNP)
Patient Information Management System (PIMS)
Pharmacy Point of Sale (ABSP)
Practice Management Application Suite (BPRM)
Text Integration Utility (TIU)
Third Party Billing (ABM)
User Security Audit (BUSA)
VA Lexicon Utility (LEX)