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Standards and Conventions (SAC)

RPMS SAC Logo The RPMS environment evolved from different development efforts at different sites. Now, individual applications and their integration is very complex. The RPMS Programming Standards and Conventions (SAC), developed and maintained by the Standards and Conventions Committee, contains policies, procedures, and notes to guide maintenance and development. There are two extensions to the SAC that give additional guidance-- the SAC Developer's Handbook (new resource for the development of RPMS applications, including developers' tools) and the RPMS Documentation Style Guide (new resource providing RPMS documentation guidance). The first document below is the SAC approval letter, followed by the SAC, Developers' Handbook, and then the Documentation Style Guide.


Requests for Exemptions from Programming SAC

 If an individual identifies the need for an exemption from the SAC for a given package, a request must be made to the SACC either via
 written notification using the form below. Exemption requests should be submitted as early as possible in the development cycle.