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Physical Name Logical Name Description Order
REG_ID NDW Registration Record Identifier This identifier is generated internally by the NDW and is used to uniquely identify a registration record.
REGION_ABBR_CD Region Abbreviation Code Alpha (3-char) designator indicating the IHS region (e.g. ALB for Albuquerque).
DATE_LAST_MOD_TS Date of Last Update Date this record was last modified by the local registration/encounter system. Date format is CCYYMMDD. 2.0000
REG_STATUS_CD Registration Status Code Status of a patient registration record and all of its components, i.e. demographics, charts, aliases, and insurance eligibilities. A record may become inactive due to the death of patient, registration consolidated with another for same patient, etc. (A = Active, I = Inactive, M = Merged) 2.0000
SRC_SYS_CD Source System Code Source System Codes will be unique across all source systems that feed the DW. Therefore, a particular code will also implicitly identify the source system that generated a particular record. For non-RPMS sites, the value will be assigned by the NDW; contact the NPIRS help desk. 2.0000
UNIQ_REG_CODE Unique Registration Code This identifier is generated by the source system. Preferred format is a unique 5-digit database identifier assigned by IHS, concatenated with a unique, right justified, zero filled 10-char registration identifier from the source system. 2.0000
BENEF_CLASS_CD Beneficiary Classification Code Classification of the type of patient, indicating a category under which an individual can become eligible for IHS benefits. 3.0000
BLOOD_QUANTUM_CD Blood Quantum Code Code to designate whether or not the patient is an American Indian/Alaska Native and, if so, to what degree. 3.0000
CITY_NM City City or town portion of this patient's mailing address. 3.0000
COMM_RES_CD Community of Residence Code Code for the State/County/Community of Residence of the patient. 3.0000
COMM_RES_START_DC Date Moved To Community (character format) Date when the patient first moved to this community of residence. Expected format is CCYYMMDD. 3.0000
COMM_RES_START_DT Date Moved To Community (date format) This is the date when the patient first moved to this community of residence. Date field. 3.0000
FIRST_NM First Name First name of the patient; could also be an alias. 3.0000
FULL_NM Full Name Patient's name prior to parsing into first, middle, last, etc. The format is specific to the local system. 3.0000
LAST_NM Last Name Last name of the patient; could also be an alias. 3.0000
LOCAL_VERIF_CD Local SSN Verification Code Field used by local facilities if they use the SSA information sent them to update their local databases. If they update their records to a "verified" code, they can use this field to note it. 3.0000
MAIL_ADDR_1 Mailing Address Street 1 First line of the street address portion of this patient's mailing address, P.O. box, or rural route address of the patient. 3.0000
MAIL_ADDR_2 Mailing Address Street 2 Second line of the street address portion of this patient's mailing address, P.O. box, or rural route address of the patient. 3.0000
MID_NM Middle Name Middle name of the patient; could also be an alias. 3.0000
NM_SUFX Name Suffix Name suffix, such as Sr., Jr., III, etc. 3.0000
NM_TITLE Title Title of the patient, such as Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, etc. 3.0000
STATE_ABBR_CD State Code United States Postal Service state code for this patient's mailing address. 3.0000
SVC_ELIG_CD Service Eligibility Code Code that specifies the types of services for which this patient was eligible. Note: Native Americans cannot be coded as ineligible. 3.0000
TRIBE_CD Tribe Code Indian tribe code specifying patient's tribal membership. 3.0000
VET_FG Veteran Flag Identifies a person who has previously served in the US Military. Veterans generally receive special veteran's assistance for medical bills. Note: This flag indicates if the patient is a veteran. It is NOT intended to identify all patients who are eligible for veteran's benefits. Values: Y=Veteran, blank=non-Veteran. 3.0000
ZIP_CODE Zip Code Zip code (5-char) for this patient's mailing address. 3.0000
ZIP_CODE_EXTN Zip Code Extension The additional 4-characters that follow the 5-character zip code, if available, for this patient's mailing address. 3.0000
EXPORT_ID Export ID Each export file that is received by the DW will be assigned a unique export ID number. This will allow us to track each record back to the "raw data file" if necessary. It also allows us to track certain information specific to each export such as number of records, date received, etc. 100.0000
REC_CD Record Code A code of up to four characters that identifies the record format that defines that particular record. This field is populated by the integration engine. This column may not be populated for non-HL7 formats. 100.0000
ROW_CREATE_TS Row Creation Date and Time stamp Date/Time that this row was created in the data warehouse. 100.0000
SSA_VERIF_L_NM SSA Verification Last Name The SSA has specific requirements for how the last name must be formatted, (for example, no hyphens or dashes in the name,) so we will use this field to store this information so we only have to derive it one time. 100.2000
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