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Encounter Tables

Table Name

ADA_PROC The ADA Procedures table contains ADA procedure-specific information (e.g., ADA code, units, fee) for a particular encounter.
CLIN_MEAS The Clinical Measure table contains clinical measure-specific information (e.g., clinical measure code, result) for a particular encounter.
DX_ICD9 The Diagnosis ICD9 table contains the diagnosis code(s) for the encounter.
DX_INJ The Diagnosis Injury table contains codes related to the cause of the diagnosis and place of injury.
DX_OTH The Diagnosis Other table contains additional old format injury codes and diagnosis recodes that may be transmitted with the encounter.
ENCTRSS The Encounters table, the primary table of the ENCTR schema, contains the basic information that most or all encounters provide and the key, ENCTRSS_ID.
ENCTRSS_CONTRACT The Encounters-Contract table contains detailed health contract-related information for a particular encounter.
ENCTRSS_DENTAL The Encounters-Dental table contains detailed dental-related information for a particular encounter
ENCTRSS_INPAT The Encounters-Inpatient table contains detailed inpatient-related information for a particular encounter.
ENCTRSS_MISC The Encounters-Miscellaneous table contains miscellaneous information (e.g., last menstrual period, urine protein test, number of lab tests done) for a particular encounter.
ENCTRSS_PHN The Encounters-Public Health Nurse table contains detailed PHN-related information for a particular encounter.
ENCTRSS_SSN The Encounters-SSN table contains Social Security Number data for a particular encounter. (Limited security access)
EXAM The Exam table contains exam-specific information (e.g., IHS exam code) for a particular encounter.
HCPCS_PROC The HCPCS Procedure table contains HCPCS/CPT-specific information (e.g., HCPCS/CPT code, CPT quantity) for a particular encounter. May also contain Revenue Code data in the HCPCS columns, due to sending site procedures and export file format limitations.
HEALTH_FACTOR The Health Factor table contains health factor-specific information (e.g., health factor name, code, category code) for a particular encounter.
IMMUN The Immunization table contains immunization-specific information (e.g., IHS immunization code, HL7 immunization, formulation codes) for a particular encounter.
INDIAN_STATUS Indian Status Flag Table, contains values indicating whether a registration is to be considered Indian for reporting
LAB_TEST The Lab Test table contains lab test-specific information (e.g., lab test name, result, LOINC code) for a particular encounter.
MEDICATION The Medication table contains medication-specific information (e.g., medication name, quantity, NDC code) for a particular encounter.
PAT_EDUCATION The Patient Education table contains patient education-specific information (e.g., education code, length of time) for a particular encounter.
PAT_SKIN_TEST The Patient Skin Test table contains skin test-specific information (e.g., skin test code, result code) for a particular encounter.
PROCEDURE_ICD9 The Procedure ICD9 table contains the procedure ICD9 code and date for the procedures related to a particular encounter.
PROCEDURE_OTH The Procedure Other table contains additional procedure-specific information (e.g., HCPCS code, provider affiliation, discipline codes) for a particular encounter.
PROVIDER_CODE The Provider Code table contains the provider identifer code information (e.g., provider affiliation, discipline codes) for a particular encounter.
PROVIDER_OTH The Provider Other table contains additional provider-specific information (e.g. X12 codes and EIN) for a particular encounter.
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