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General Environmental Health

The majority of the services and products provided by the Division of Environmental Health Services falls under the "general" environmental health category. This programmatic area is very broad in scope, and extensive in the activities and functions performed. Basic services include the following:

  • Environmental health assessments and surveys of facilities, operations, housing, and communities;
  • Communicable and vectorborne disease investigations; hazardous material, pollution, and complaint investigations; and epidemiological studies;
  • Providing and/or coordinating educational opportunities and training courses on environmental public health topics;
  • Serve as consultant and technical resource in tribal, regional, and national policy and development and planning;
  • Link tribal programs to services and funding opportunities;
  • Develop and implement special studies and projects to define effective approaches to solving environmental health problems; and
  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of program delivery and ensure a competent environmental health workforce.

These services are performed within the scope of our overall program, as well as distinct program elements. These include:

  • Children’s Environmental Health
  • Communicable Disease Control and Epidemiology
  • Food Safety
  • Indoor Environments
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sanitation Facilities
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Recreational Sanitation
  • Vector Control and Bio-Disease Surveillance

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CDR Amanda Parris
Albuquerque District Supervisory Sanitarian
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Office: 505-248-7717
Fax: 505-248-7612

LCDR Sam Frank
Santa Fe District Supervisory Sanitarian
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Office: 505-946-9577
Fax: 505-983-2019