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Planning a CE Activity

If you have an idea for a CE activity, please contact us at as soon as possible for a consultation, an introduction to the CE process, and to receive our current CE forms.

As the jointly accredited provider for the agency, the CSC is committed to providing interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) planned by the healthcare team for the healthcare team. We are responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of all CE activities that are to be awarded credit. If you have an idea for a CE activity, please contact us as soon as possible. We must participate integrally in the planning and implementation of each accredited activity. The process begins with the submission of planning documents that are developed when planning begins. By starting the relationship early in the planning stages, you can take advantage of CSC’s many years of experience in these endeavors. We will recommend examples, tools, forms, and samples from similar activities and regular consultation with the CSC staff throughout the planning process will ensure that all Continuing Education elements are addressed properly. Please understand that our role in your continuing education activity is to support and offer guidance, ultimately ensuring you have a successful CE event.

What Information is Needed to Begin Planning?

The initial planning meeting with our staff involves a review of the accreditation criteria, standards, and policies. Among the required educational processes are the following:

  • Identification of the potential target audience [healthcare team as a whole or specific discipline(s)]
  • Documentation of how the professional practice gaps and educational needs of the target audience were determined
  • Defining learning objectives that meet the educational needs
  • Identification of a planning committee and the faculty members for the activity
  • Identification of potential financial resources to support development and implementation of the activity
  • Developing strategies for determining activity effectiveness in improving target audience competence/skills, performance and/or patient outcomes

Timelines for Planning

Generally, a minimum of 9 - 12 months is needed to plan a live CE course or enduring material. Many educational, financial and logistical planning elements require substantial advance planning for optimum results. At CSC, we suggest allowing 2 months for a one-hour, 4 months for a one-day and 5+months for a multi-day activity to provide the planning committee an opportunity to work with our staff to ensure success of the CE activity.

Tools and Resources

Below are some tools and resources to assist you with CE activity planning, implementation, and evaluation