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This edition of the CHAM contains current guidelines of health care for Community Health Aide practices in Alaska. It is essential that all health care providers and CHA/Ps in our health care delivery system learn to use this manual. In addition to updated content, the CHAM contains additional topics in a user-friendly layout.

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CHA/P EHR User Manual

The CHA/P EHR User manual is a basic guide for Alaska Community Health Aides and Practitioners (CHA/P) to use in the transition from recording patient encounters on paper to creating electronic records using the electronic health record (EHR). This guide is to be used in conjunction with the Alaska Community Health Aides Manual (CHAM), and CHA/Ps are required to follow the steps in the CHAM.

This guide is not meant to replace the information in the CHAM. If the patient encounter is an emergency, the paper Patient Encounter form (PEF) will be used instead of the electronic method of gathering data through the EHR application.

Access the CHAP EHR User Manual.