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Patient Education

Health education is a very important part of the CHA/P’s role as a health care professional.

  • Every patient benefits from knowing more about their condition and being actively involved in their own care. Patient education helps patient:
    • Understand his/her medical condition and treatment.
    • Gain knowledge and skills to maintain or improve health.
    • Feel more in control of illness or injury by being included in his/her own health care decisions. This can help reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Patient Education about wellness and healthy lifestyle choices is also important.
  • The more patients know, the more they can do to help and heal themselves.

There are also other ways for CHA/P to play an active role in educating patients.

  • Put out Patient Education brochures and handouts in waiting room and exam room.
  • Hang up Patient Education posters.
  • Visit school classes to talk about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take part in health fairs and other community events.
  • Be aware of the specific health problems that your individual community faces. Focus on these problems in the clinic and in the community. Examples of problems: Boating, ATV or sno-go injuries; health problems related to tobacco and alcohol use, being over weight or not exercising; others specific to your community.
  • Be a good role model, especially for young people. Live a healthy lifestyle yourself.