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IHS Area offices and most IHS sites have their own IT support staff. Customers are encouraged to become familiar with the IT services provided by their own units and ensure that they follow the tiered support:

Tier 1 - Local Site Support

Local site support at the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics. Tier 1 is the basic level of customer support related to IT hardware, software, and telecommunications.

Tier 2 - Regional Area Support

Regional Areas provide support to their location and to the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics assigned to their region. Tier 2 level of support provides an intermediate level of customer support related to IT hardware, software, and telecommunications.

    • Login Issues - IHS Network (D1) Account, Computers, VPN, etc.
    • Device Issues - Computers, Printers, Blackberry/iOS, Medical Devices, Video Conferencing
    • RPMS Issues
    • Local Facilities Issues
    • Data Access and Restoration
    • Outlook Address Book Questions/Updates
    • More Information needed from Area IT

Tier 3 - System Support for Regional IT

Provides system support for IT Service Desk Technicians from the Regional Areas, to assist when Tier 1 or Tier 2 are unable to resolve. We also provide support for IHS Applications as listed below under "IHS IT Service Desk"

    • Login Issues - IHS Web Accounts, ITAC, NPA D1 Accounts, Secure Data Transfer Service
    • Secure Data Transfer Service (SDTS) Issues
    • ITAC VPN Requests
    • Adobe Connect Meetings/Seminars
    • Website Blocks
    • Internet Outages
    • VPN Authentication (Entrust Token/Phonefactor Issues)
    • VPN Connection Issues
    • Anti-Virus Protection
    • National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS)
    • LISTSERV lists
    • Local (NPA) Desktop Support
    • Website Issues
    • HEAT Support

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