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IHS IT Service Desk

If you are experiencing a problem related to one or more of the noted systems below and need assistance, please contact the IHS IT Service Desk using either email or phone:

IHS IT Service Desk
 Telephone  Contact
Hours of Operations: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
Monday through Friday except for federal holidays for all areas.
Calls are answered, after the hours of operation, by the NOSC.
Service Now

Below is an overview of services for which we provide support:

  • Login Issues - IHS Web Accounts, ITAC, NPA D1 Accounts, Secure Data Transfer Service
  • Secure Data Transfer Service (SDTS) Issues
  • ITAC VPN Requests
  • Adobe Connect Meetings/Seminars
  • Website Blocks
  • Internet Outages
  • VPN Authentication (Entrust Token/Phonefactor Issues)
  • VPN Connection Issues
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS)
  • LISTSERV lists
  • Website Issues
  • ServiceNow and ITAC with SailPoint

Below is an overview of additional services for which we provide support at the Rockville HQ Office ONLY:

  • Deskside Support
  • Adobe Pro DC Activations Equipment Distribution/Re-location
  • Onsite Blackberry/iOS Device Support
  • Local Printer Support
    • Reset
  • Video Conferencing
  • Workstation Patching
  • Server Patching
  • Laptop Lifecycle
    • Imagining
  • Distribution (New and Refresh)
  • Excess
    • Relocation
  • Conference Room Support
  • Skype Training Sessions
  • COOP Support
  • Bit Locker Support
  • Loaner Laptop Management
  • Training Room Setup and Support
IHS IT Self Service Portal