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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

     Indian Health Manual
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Circular 02-07

Rockville, Maryland 20852

Refer to: DAS


Effective Date:  01/23/2003


  1. PURPOSE.  The purpose of this Circular is to establish policy and procedures for parking vehicles at Twinbrook Metro Plaza (TMP) and the Reyes Building (RB) in Rockville. Maryland.

  2. ELIGIBILITY.  All permanent full-time employees and temporary part-time employees, if serving an appointment of 6 months or longer, are eligible.  Employees receiving TranShare benefits are not eligible for parking privileges.


    1. Handicapped Employees.  The term "handicapped employees" shall mean those employees disabled to such extent that their physical mobility is seriously affected.  This includes employees requiring crutches or wheel chairs; blind employees who, because of the impairment, depend on other employees for transportation; and persons suffering from other conditions that seriously affect their mobility.

    2. Carpool.  A carpool is defined as a group of two or more people employed by the Federal Government who work in TMP or the RB and who regularly use a motor vehicle for transportation to and from work.  At least one employee must be a full-time permanent Indian Health Service (IHS) employee stationed at TMP or the RB.  Indian Health Service staff may participate as carpool members with employees stationed in the Parklawn Building.  Children driven to school or nursery and occasional or part-time riders will not be counted as carpool members.

    3. Proximity Card.  The proximity card is issued by the TMP building management.  The proximity card is programmed for parking, building access, and/or elevator access to the TMP building and garage.

    4. Executive Level.  Executive level employees are all senior management officials and other key management officials identified by the Director, IHS.


    1. Parking.  Parking will be provided in a manner that encourages car pooling in accordance with criteria designed to conserve energy and to improve environmental quality through a reduction in employee driving.  Parking will be assigned as follows:

      1. Executive level personnel at both TMP and the RB will park at TMP.

      2. Eligible TMP employees will park at TMP.

      3. Eligible RB employees will park at the RB or may be assigned to park at the TMP garage if space is not available at the RB.

    2. Prioritized Parking Assignments.  Parking assignments are prioritized by the following categories:

      1. Handicapped

      2. Executive Level Personnel

      3. Vanpool

      4. Four-Person (and larger) Carpool

      5. Three-Person Carpool

      6. Two-Person Carpool

      7. Single-Occupant Vehicle or Motorcycle

    3. Monitoring.  Parking will be monitored for usage

    4. Additional Designated Handicapped Parking Space at the RB.  If there is a need for an additional handicapped parking space at the RB, a regular parking space will be marked "reserved" for handicapped parking.

    5. Executive Level Parking.  Parking will be reserved for the IHS Director and Office Directors, Division Directors and Deputy Division Directors may be assigned executive level parking spaces.

    6. Parking Space Lottery.  Should the demand for parking spaces exceed the available spaces, a lottery to assign parking spaces will be held on an annual basis.

      1. Applicants not assigned a permit because of the limited number of parking spaces will have their names placed on a waiting list.

      2. Carpools formed after the assignment of parking spaces will be given preference as parking becomes available.

    7. Application Requirements.

      1. The form "Application for Parking Permit" shall be used by employees to apply for parking.

      2. Upon request, applications shall be submitted to the Support Services Supervisor, Division of Administrative Services (DAS), on an annual basis.

      3. A person may be counted on only one application within the Parklawn Complex.  For example, a person cannot be a member of a carpool for both the TMP/RB buildings and the Parklawn Building.

    8. Handicapped Employees Parking.  There are a number of federally-mandated handicapped parking spaces in the TMP garage.  The RB has five permanently marked handicapped parking spaces for eligible IHS employees and two visitor handicapped parking spaces.  To qualify for a handicapped space, the employee must provide a valid, current Maryland, Virginia, or District of Columbia handicapped parking license plate, disability tag, or other identifier.  If the employee does not have a State handicapped parking designation, the employee shall provide his/her supervisor and Support Services with a letter from his/her doctor describing the employee's need.

    9. Change in Parking Requirements.  Permit holders are required to inform the Support Services Supervisor, DAS, in writing whenever there are changes, including anticipated temporary absences of 1 month or more, in their number of carpool participants or in their parking requirements.  This includes: changes in number/name(s) of carpool participants, promotion to an executive level position, resignation, notification of retirement, or reassignment out of TMP or the RB.

    10. Alternate Work Site Employees.  Parking for alternate work site employees will be provided in the visitor's parking lot on an as-needed basis.  A full-time parking pass will not be issued.

    11. Visitor's Parking.  Paid parking for visitors is available in the TMP Visitor's Parking Garage.  Vouchers may be obtained from Support Services, Suite 120, RB.


    1. Under no circumstances should employees loan or transfer identification badges and/or proximity cards for entrance into the parking lots.

    2. Under no circumstances should principal applicants or carpool members switch parking assignments, share a hangtag as individual drivers, or give away a parking space to unauthorized individuals.  Should such an event occur, it is a breach of security and in direct violation of this Circular.

    3. Park only in non-reserved spaces

    4. Do not park in driveways, fire lanes, or comer areas of driveways that are cross-striped.

    5. Observe the driving lines.

    6. Vehicles must be parked within the marked parking spaces.  Do not infringe on the space next to or in front of you.

    7. Hangtags must be displayed.  Expired hangtags must be removed.

    8. Yield the right of way to vehicles in the process of parking.

    9. Yield the right of way to main entrance and exit lanes.

    10. Yield the right of way to pedestrians.

    11. Do not impede traffic by discharging passengers in the street or driveways.

    12. Locking cars is recommended to avoid theft of personal belongings or Government property from cars, or theft of the vehicle itself.  Neither the IHS nor the building management will be held responsible for the loss of any item left in the car, whether the loss is a result of fire or theft.

    13. Do not start the engine in the garage until ready to depart the garage.

    14. Obey all posted signs.

    15. The posted daily parking rate will be charged when parking without a proximity card for admittance.

    16. Operate all vehicles at a safe speed.

    17. There will be a charge of $25 to replace proximity cards.

  6. PENALTIES.  Failure to comply with the procedures set forth may result in a suspension of parking privileges.  Falsification of records will result in an automatic suspension of parking privileges for 6 months.

  7. SUPERSEDURE.  None.

  8. EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Circular is effective on the date of signature.

    /Charles W. Grim, D.D.S./
    Charles W. Grim, D.D.S., M.H.S.A.
    Assistant Surgeon General
    Interim Director

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