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Register for Lab Package training sessions are on the RPMS Training Classes and Schedules website. Click on the name of a class to find out more information and register.

Laboratory - New User to Lab Package

Course Description: eLearning will provide the new employee/user with training regarding pertinent RPMS Laboratory functions: Laboratory menu review; Utilization of Order/Test Status; Accessioning a laboratory test order; Printing an accession list; Reviewing by order number and an accession area; Utilization of test description information; Verifying an interfaced laboratory result; Manually verifying a laboratory result; Reviewing and printing an incomplete list; Reviewing laboratory results and reports within the RPMS and EHR systems. Basic RPMS Lab maintenance will also be reviewed.

Prerequisite: None Listed

The recorded training presented by OIT Laboratory - for the New User Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

After accessing the link provided,
Step 1: End users will be directed to this page. Select Register.
Step 2: End users need to complete the boxes for email address, name, password and Area.
Step 3: Find Laboratory. Click on BROWSE TO: The URL for the NEW USER Adobe recording will load.

This training is approximately 2.5 hours long and can be used at your convenience for either new staff, or ongoing review as needed. It is specifically presented for I/T/U end users who may be new to the RPMS laboratory package and its basic, yet very important functionalities. The training is appropriate for all laboratory sites and personnel, nursing staff working with lab, CACs and/or employees who perform accessioning and resulting processes for laboratory test orders on a daily basis. This training does not cover RPMS VA FileMan or the laboratory test file configurations.

Laboratory - Introduction

Course Description: This session is Introduction to the Basic Laboratory Package training. This basic laboratory course is designed for persons assigned the responsibility for using and maintaining the Laboratory Package at their site. Participants will be introduced to laboratory file structure and maintenance for configuring the database to the workflow at their facility and to provide ongoing support of the laboratory package and integration into the EHR.

Prerequisites: Participants have to be proficient with basic RPMS Laboratory functions: the use of Multipurpose Accessioning, review of Order/Test Status, Manual Result (test) entry and verification, the review of patient Interim Reports and have familiarity with the IHS EHR Laboratory Order process

Laboratory - Advanced

Course Description: This session is Advanced Laboratory Package training. This advanced laboratory course is designed for persons assigned the responsibility for using and maintaining the Laboratory Package at their facility. Participants will continue to build on laboratory file structure and maintenance. The advanced class will help sites configure and maintain their database in addition to understanding the Laboratory Information System [LIS] workflow. Participants will be able to provide ongoing support of their local laboratory package

Prerequisite: Participants must be proficient with RPMS Laboratory functions and have attended prior RPMS Introduction to Lab Package training, and Intermediate Lab Package Training courses. Participants must have basic knowledge of the RPMS laboratory workflow for test ordering, accessioning and resulting processes. In addition, all participants must be able to work in RPMS VA FileMan - Day One Lab Files, maintain test files in VA FileMan File 60, maintain the Reference Laboratory package, and be familiar with the Indian Health Service Electronic Health Record Laboratory Order process.