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Accessing Services

Services provided by Chief Clinical Consultants may vary because of the unique roles of each discipline or specialty. All Chief Clinical Consultants are available in the following manners.

Telephone Consultation

Many questions can be quickly answered by speaking directly with the Chief Clinical Consultant in the discipline or specialty of interest. Written material can sometimes be provided as well as references to other resources.

Written Consultation

General information regarding policy and procedure, standards of care, privileging, credentialing, peer review, risk management, and facility planning can sometimes be provided as written material without the need for a site visit.

Site Visits

Site visits are done for such activities as program planning, program evaluation, peer review, and risk management. Site visits must be requested and scheduled in advance. The cost of a site visit may be the responsibility of the requesting site.

National Meetings

Most Chief Clinical Consultants organize or participate in national meetings for their discipline or speciality, involving primarily or exclusively clinicians in Indian Health. If you are interested in a discipline specific meeting please call the appropriate Chief Clinical Consultant.