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National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS)

The National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS) serves as the agency’s national data repository. NPIRS is a database of financial, environmental, engineering, administrative and clinical healthcare information gathered from direct IHS, Tribal and Urban healthcare sites & regional administrative offices throughout the Indian Health systems.

The purpose of NPIRS is to provide an Enterprise Business Intelligence/Analytic environment that enables reporting, data discovery, data mining, predictive analysis and trending of key performance indicators in support of patient care and patient care management by providing strategic actionable information to key stakeholders.

NPIRS additionally provides IHS the ability to produce reliable and timely reports in support of statutory, regulatory, and administrative obligations, including user population counts, workload reporting, accreditation, and performance measures.

  • National Data Warehouse (NDW) + functional/customized data marts
  • Guided and self-service data delivery (dashboards/scorecards)
  • Robust Report Library (approximately 400+ existing customizable, and ad-hoc reports in a myriad of data domains)

Why is NPIRS important to you…

  • NPIRS Enables
    • Insight to improve clinical outcomes
    • Healthcare digital transformation
    • Visibility and transparency into IHS’ commitment to uniform quality
    • IHS to extend or acquire knowledge and feedback to significantly reducing risk, waste and costs while improving quality, driving performance and organizational maturity
  • Equips key personnel/stakeholders with the information needed to make more informed decisions
  • Provides near real-time data analysis for managing the enterprise (including patient care, healthcare providers, suppliers and partners, etc.)
  • Promotes data accuracy, confidence, integrity and standardization

Our Support Services

NPIRS customized Business Intelligence (BI) reporting supports various information domains:

  • Data Mart & Reporting Support
  • Data Submission Services
  • Database Infrastructure Support
    • Data Warehousing/Database Architecture
    • Data Collection and Management Services
  • Special Data Requests
  • Data Access Requests

NPIRS Fact Sheet [PDF - 905 KB]