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Area Pharmacy Consultants

IHS Principal Pharmacy Consultant (Acting)
CAPT Kailee Fretland, PharmD, BCPS
Office of Clinical and Preventive Services
Indian Health Service Headquarters
5600 Fishers Lane 08N54B
Rockville, MD 20857

Area Pharmacy Consultant Phone
Alaska Area CAPT Ashley Schaber 907-729-2126
Albuquerque Area CAPT Wil Darwin 505-256-6741
Bemidji Area CDR Jessica Anderson 218-983-6361
Billings Area CAPT Angela Troutt 406-247-7122
California Area CDR Carolyn Pumares 916-930-3981 x308
Great Plains CAPT Holly Rice (Acting) 605-742-3761
Nashville Area CAPT Robin Bartlett 615-467-1577
Navajo Area LCDR Erica Harker 928-871-5873
Oklahoma City Area CDR Kaileen Skidgel (Acting) 918-762-6557
Phoenix Area CDR Rachelle Green 602-364-5172
Portland Area CAPT Chi Duong (Acting) 541-553-2465
Tucson Area CDR Angela Leiferman 520-383-7350