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Office of the Director  |  Acquisition Management  |  Financial Management  |  Tribal Programs  |  OEHE  |  Human Resources  |  Commissioned Corps

Office of the Director

FAX: 907-729-3689
Evangelyn “Angel” Dotomain Acting Area Director 907-729-3654
Marlene McGlashan Secretary 907-729-3683
Lyle J. Claw Acting Executive Officer 907-729-2870
Stephen "Miles" Rudd, MD Chief Medical Officer 907-729-3686
Alexander Casey Assistant Regional Counsel 907-729-3686
Mary “Marie” Toliver Administrative Support Assistant 907-729-3686
Diana Roberts Health Statistician 907-729-3665
Sherry D. Foster Program Analyst 907-729-3668
Elisa Bruns MSPI-DVPI Project Officer 907-729-3697
Heidi Hulsey Regional Diversity Mgmt/EEO Manager 503-414-7745

Office of Acquisition Management

FAX: 907-729-3689
Burt Humphrey Acquisition Officer 907-729-2965
Gladys Wheeler Contracting Officer 907-729-3625

Office of Financial Management

FAX: 907-729-2889
Lyle J. Claw Financial Management Officer 907-729-2870
Christy Demientieff Accounting Officer 907-729-2885
Mavis Torrivio Budget Analyst 907-729-2886
Mike Yates Financial Analyst 907-729-2866
Kyle Leslie Financial Management Specialist 907-729-3693
Jacob Deater Accounting Technician 907-729-2894
Ramin Azimi Information Technology Specialist (contract) 907-729-2872

Office of Tribal Programs

FAX: 907-729-3678
Lanie Fox Director 907-729-3677
Rick Mills Indian Self-Determination Act Specialist 907-729-3674
Iris Gray Indian Self-Determination Act Financial Specialist 907-729-3679
Tamara "Tami" Dietrich Indian Self-Determination Act Specialist 907-729-3672

Office of Environmental Health & Engineering

FAX: 907-729-5690
Denman Ondelacy Director 907-729-3501
Shannon Harrison Program Specialist 907-729-3508
Leigh Hubbard Director of Sanitation Facilities Construction (SFC) 907-729-3711
Hugh Denny Director of Health Facilities 907-729-3623
Kelly Leseman Consulting Facility Engineer 907-729-3540
Paula Poncho Realty Management Officer 907-729-3612
Christopher Fehrman NEPA Coordinator/Assistant SFC Director 907-729-2860

Office of Human Resources

FAX: 907-729-1312
Jeanne Smith Acting Western Region Human Resources Director 916-930-3981 x 335
Elena Martin Human Resource Specialist 907-729-1320
Beverly Pettit Human Resource Specialist 907-729-1323
Vacant Office Assistant

Commissioned Corps Personnel

FAX: 907-729-1312
CDR Martha "Marti" Wanca Western Region Liaison 907-729-1308
Stacy Turner Military Human Resources Assistant 907-729-1309
Vacant Human Resources Assistant