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Nursing Program

Albuquerque Area Council of Nurse Executives (AACONE) Overview

AACONE provides a collaborative forum for nurse leadership, representation, consultation, policy development, and advocacy for IHS, Tribal, and Urban (I/T/U) Nurses in the region.

The stated purpose and objectives of AACONE are accomplished by:

  • Providing a medium for interchange of ideas relative to professional nursing issues problems of mutual concern.
  • Advising the Area Nurse Consultants and the National Council of Chief Nurse Officers on policy that affects Nurses.
  • Advising the Albuquerque Area Director and Area Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s/Clinical Directors on issues and policies that affect Nurses.
  • Advancing effective Nurse Leadership through:
    • Increased communication regarding local and national issues,
    • Increased participation in Service Unit management, and
    • Coordination of opportunities for professional development
  • Promoting communication through all I/T/U health programs at the management and executive levels.
  • Collaboratively providing guidance on standardizing best practices, policy, procedure, and contracts.