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Area Office Staff

Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service

Albuquerque Area Office
4101 Indian School Rd NE, Suite 225
Albuquerque, NM 87110-3988
Phone: 505-256-6800
Fax No. 505-256-6847

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Time Zone: Mountain
States Served: NM, CO, TX, UT

Office of the Director

Director: Leonard Thomas, M.D.
Phone: 505-256-6735
FAX: 505-256-6846

Chief Medical Officer: Julianna Reece
Phone: 505-256-6734
FAX: 505-256-6846

Executive Officer: Sandra Winfrey
Phone: 505-256-6736
FAX: 505-256-6846

Tribal Support Office

Director: Randall Morgan
Phone: 505-256-6733
FAX: 505-256-6852

Division of Contracts, Grants & Procurement

Director: Dawn Sekayumptewa
Phone: 505-256-6758
FAX: 505-256-6848

Division of Accounting Services

Director: Rhonda Boal
Phone: 505-256-6777
FAX: 505-256-6849

Division of Human Resources

Acting Director: Michelle Rossell
Phone: 505-256-6824
FAX: 505-256-6853

Physician Recruitment/Scholarship Program Coordinator: Jeanette Garcia
Phone: 505-256-6729
FAX: 505-256-6844

Division of Information Management Services

Director: Joseph F. Lucero
Phone: 505-256-6700
FAX: 505-256-6843

Office of Environmental Health & Engineering

Director: Chris Bradley
Phone: 505-256-6793 FAX: 505-256-6852

Division of Health Facilities

Director: Tom Plummer
Phone: 505-256-6794
FAX: 505-256-6852

Division of Environmental Health Services

Director: Carolyn Oyster
Phone: 505-256-6815
FAX: 505-256-6852

Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction

Acting Director: Gretchen Tsosie
Phone: 505-256-6786
FAX: 505-256-6852

Environmental Health Support Center

Director: Jeff Dickson
Phone: 505-256-6808
FAX: 505-256-6852

Division of Clinical Quality

Acting Director/Nurse Consultant: Melvina Murphy
Phone: 505-256-6730
FAX: 505-256-6844

Health Promotion Disease Prevention: Theresa Clay
Phone: 505-256-6720
FAX: 505-256-6844

Diabetes Consultant: Gordon Quam
Phone: 505-256-6725
FAX: 505-256-6844

Laboratory Consultant: Vanessa Vicenti
Phone: 505-256-6722
FAX: 505-256-6844


Clinical Applications Coordinator: Wil Darwin
Phone: 505-256-6741
FAX: 505-256-6846

GPRA Coordinator: Jacque Candelaria
Phone: 505-256-6740
FAX: 505-256-6846

PRC/Business Office Coordinator: Debby Feathers
Phone: 505-256-6739
FAX: 505-256-6846