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Bemidji Area Indian Health Service includes Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin. The Bemidji Area Office values commitment to patients and employees, customer service, and Tribal consultation. The Bemidji Area delivers services at two small Federally operated hospitals and one health center in Northern Minnesota as well as 34 Tribally operated health systems and four Urban clinics.

Cass Lake Hospital (Cass Lake, MN), Red Lake Hospital (Red Lake, MN) and the White Earth Clinic (Ogema, MN) are the Federal programs. Any STATE license is acceptable as long as license is permanent and unrestricted.

The Tribal (or Urban if in metropolitan cities) in Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin will require a license in that state, at date of hire or soon thereafter.

For further information about possible health professional vacancies, please contact, Mr. Tony Buckanaga, Health Professional Recruiter, at 218-444-0486 or 1-800-892-3079.

Student Loan Repayment

Most Bemidji Area sites are eligible for Indian Health Service student loan repayment and/or National Health Service Corps student loan repayment. We always encourage you to apply for both but you may only accept one as they are both Federal programs. Please visit the I.H.S. loan repayment home page and National Health Service Corps home page to validate the health professional disciplines offered under loan repayment as they may change annually.

Indian Health Services Scholarship Program

If you're an American Indian or Alaskan Native student preparing for a career in the health professions, your opportunity for success starts with the I.H.S. Health Professions or I.H.S. Preparatory Scholarship. This is a competitive and rewarding scholarship. Deadline: March 28 of each year - dates may change so review website for accurate application deadline. Please visit the Indian Health Service scholarship website for full details on the application process.

Federal Positions

Medical Officer, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, Clinical Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse, Diagnostic Radiology Technician, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Optometry, Physician Assistant and all other allied health professionals.

Recruitment Incentive: Some disciplines are eligible to receive a recruitment incentive based on availability of funds and other criteria. Recruitment bonuses are negotiable with the clinic/hospital.

Retention Incentive: Health care practitioners are eligible to receive a yearly retention allowance after the first year of employment. This bonus is based on productivity criteria and availability of funds.

Malpractice Insurance: Employees of Indian Health Service do not pay for malpractice insurance; they are provided coverage through the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Licensure: A valid, unrestricted medical license in any state (for Federal employment) is required for your specialty; and if licensed in more than one state, these licenses must also be unrestricted.

Leave: Annual leave (vacation time) earned will be 13 workdays per year. In addition to the earned annual leave, there is an additional 10 days of Federal holiday leave each calendar year. Annual and Sick leave is earned at a rate of 4 hours each pay period for a total of 13 workdays per year. After three years of federal service, employees will earn 6 hours each pay period for approximately 20 days of annual leave per year.

Moving Expenses: Some positions will have the shipment of household goods and personal belongings covered.

Health Benefits: There are multiple health plans available to IHS employees. The Government pays a portion of the costs. You can check the Federal Employees Health Benefits website for more information at Office of Personnel Management FEHB Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .

Retirement: the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) is a three-tiered retirement system. More information on the Thrift Savings Plan is available on Office of Personnel Management Retirement Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  and Thrift Savings Plan Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .

Life Insurance: The Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance offers several choices in selecting the level of life insurance you desire. Their website is Office of Personnel Management Life Insurance Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .