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CHAP Tribal Planning and Implementation Grant Program

The CHAP TPI grant application period has now closed.

The CHAP Tribal Planning and Implementation (TPI) grant program aims to support the planning and implementation for Tribes and Tribal Organizations (T/TO) positioned to begin operating a CHAP or support a growing CHAP in the contiguous 48 states. The grant program is designed to support the regional flexibility required for T/TO to implement a CHAP unique to the needs of their individual communities across the country through the identification of feasibility factors.

The focus of the program is to:

  • Develop clinical supervisor support for primary care, behavioral health, and dental health clinicians providing both direct and indirect supervision of prospective health aides;
  • Identify area and community-specific health care needs of patients that can be addressed by the health aides; Identify and develop a technology infrastructure plan for the mobility and success of health aides in anticipation of providing services;
  • Develop a training plan to include partners across the T/TO’s geographic region to enhance the training opportunities available to prospective health aides to include continuing education and clinical practice; Identify best practices for integrating a CHAP workforce into an existing Tribal health system;
  • Address social determinants of health that impact the recruitment and retention of prospective health aides; and Identify the total cost of full implementation of a CHAP within an existing Tribal health system.

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Total Number of Anticipated Awards:Three (3); 1 per IHS Area
Total Award Amount: $1,000,000 per applicant
Grant Period: 2 years

Technical Assistance Webinar

CHAP TPI Webinar Presentation - August 11, 2021 [PDF 308 KB]