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About Us

The Community Health Representative (CHR) Program was implemented to improve the health, knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Indian people by promoting, supporting, and assisting the IHS in delivering a total health care program. The efforts of CHR program staff have produced an American Indian and Alaska Native health service delivery system which provides for follow-up and continued contact with the health care system at the community level, thereby meeting the most basic needs of the American Indian and Alaska Native population.

Mission Statement

To provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to American Indians and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well-trained CHR’s as mandated by Section 107 of P.L. 100-713, dated November 23, 1988.

Program Goal

The goal of the CHR Program is to address health care needs through the provision of community-oriented primary care services, including traditional Native concepts in multiple settings, utilizing well-trained, community-based, medically-guided health care workers.