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Come see us! Interview site visits may be reimbursable.

Please see the IHS Job Vacancies to learn about current career opportunities.

We also offer a Resident Elective Rotation [PDF - 48 KB] in rural primary care medicine.

Enjoy Financial Freedom with the IHS Loan Repayment Program.

Ask any professional staff member at Crownpoint why they decided to work here, or why they have stayed. On a daily basis, working at Crownpoint Health Care Facility tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities. The challenge of a diverse practice setting is a great way to expand your professional knowledge. Your potential to improve the health status of patients is limited only by your own time and energy. Working at Crownpoint Healthcare Facility is not easy, and it is not for everybody! It takes an especially dedicated professional to overcome multiple barriers, including isolation, limited resources, and cultural barriers.

You may ask why anyone would do this. The reason is - the people. The professional staff at Crownpoint Health Care Facility is close-knit and collegial, with a common mission - to promote the health and well-being of the Native American people. The patients in our area have been described as the best in the world. You will understand when you hear a simple "Ahe'hee', shi yaz" (Thank you, my child) from an elderly patient. A patient that you have treated for a long time may move several hours away to the city, yet insist on driving back to Crownpoint for his medical care. This is how you will know that you are appreciated, and in fact, vital to the health of the community.

Many of us committed to years of training in medical professions, with the goal of serving others and promoting health. We also desire to make a good living to support our families and to live an enjoyable lifestyle. At Crownpoint Health Care Facility, we feel that our work fulfills all of these desires.