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Career Opportunities

The Indian Health Service has provided excellent career opportunities for environmental health professionals for over 40 years.

There are over 260 environmental health positions currently in the Indian health system. Positions are located in a variety of remote, rural and urban settings throughout the U.S. The positions offer the opportunity to practice a variety of community-oriented environmental health specialties from general Environmental Health, Institutional Environmental Health, Injury Prevention, and environmental health program management.

Most environmental health careers in IHS start with a general environmental health assignment in a community and lead to a specialty assignment. About 10 to 15 entry-level positions are filled annually. Most entry-level positions offer the opportunity to practice grassroots environmental health and learn the profession. Most mid and upper level vacancies are filled with professionals with IHS field experience. Employment in IHS offers geographic mobility and career progression opportunities.

For information about IHS Environmental Health career opportunities, contact Stephen Piontkowski at 301-443-1263.